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Rising in the Presence of the Aged

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Rising in the Presence of the Aged

Minnesotans take pride in the ways we honor seniors. We open doors for them, we give up our seats for them, we listen to their counsel and we rise in their presence.

COVID-19 has disrupted so many of the activities we love in Minnesota, like the opportunity for “Vikings Betty” to meet her favorite player, or the opportunity for WWII Veteran Neil Skilldum to raise the flag at a Twins game, or for Prince superfan, Julia, to get a VIP tour of Paisley Park.

What COVID can’t disrupt is our commitment to one another. What COVID won’t disrupt is our commitment to our elders.

It has been extraordinary to witness the countless actions and expressions of people relaying their clear calling and purpose during this time. While so many organizations have had to layoff or furlough employees, Presbyterian Homes has been able to put displaced individuals to work to meet the great needs around us. Employees like Abbey and Jodi have accepted the call to serve in new ways while others like Jacinta and Brendan rise up to provide care, COVID or not.

As the fourth largest non-profit provider of senior housing and services in the country, Presbyterian Homes & Services pledges to do the right thing, and meet personal and societal needs, even when it isn’t easy or profitable. With 5,800 employees serving over 20,000 older adults in Minnesota each year, Presbyterian Homes has witnessed the power of community and the incredible impact of people rising up to their purpose, at any age.

Like so many great things, that resolve is made in Minnesota.