Mall of America

Providing space for students in a time of need

student given the continued opportunity for learning and education

Providing space for students in a time of need

This Spring, the Minnesota Transitions Charter School (MTCS) site was completely destroyed during the civil unrest that took place throughout the community, leaving 150 students without a place to call their school for the upcoming year.

In an effort to help MTCS continuing granting their students the power of education, Mall of America donated a 17,000 square foot space for MTCS students and staff to use as a temporary school location. The temporary Mall of America school location has been built to create a dynamic learning environment comprised of classrooms and common area space that accommodates approximately 150 students, grades 7 – 12.

While their original school is being rebuilt in its original location, MTCS will continue growing their unique approach to education at Mall of America, offering a truly innovative, flexible style of learning where school happens on the students’ time. The goal of this new education site is to break down barriers of time and space in an effort to achieve greater academic success for all students with different types of learning styles and abilities. Students will also have greater access to learn from the various business aspects of Mall of America through internship and unique curriculum opportunities such as Marine Biology at Sea Life Aquarium or ride mechanics through Nickelodeon Universe inside the Mall.