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Helping Those Who Protect Us

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Helping Those Who Protect Us

Securian Financial steps up to support service members and veterans

Securian Financial is very proud to be an official “Yellow Ribbon” company—a leader in supporting the needs of service members, veterans and military families.

The life insurance and financial services company—headquartered in downtown St. Paul for 140 years, with more than 3,100 employees working in the city—actively recruits and retains currently serving and veteran service members, has support policies and resources for military-connected employees, and teams up with other organizations on military assistance efforts in local communities.

To attract and retain service member employees, the company attends veteran career fairs, provides special training for its recruiters, established a military employee resource group, and enhanced its military-related employee benefits.  

“Service members bring so much to Securian Financial’s culture and day-to-day business,” says Chris Hilger, Securian Financial’s chairman, president and CEO. “We recognize, celebrate and support these heroes among us, and we continue in our journey to welcome more service members and veterans to the company.”

In times of deployment, military-friendly employers like Securian Financial allow service members to focus on their mission and alleviate their worries about whether they’ll have a job to come back to when returning home.

“Shortly after joining Securian Financial, I was deployed overseas as a member of the Minnesota National Guard. While some employers might have considered this a burden, Securian Financial embraced my service,” says Devin Smith, a Securian Financial employee. “My wife and I received so much support from the company and my colleagues while I was thousands of miles away. After I returned, the company continued to place trust in me and promoted me to lead a team.”