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Supporting the Next Generation of STEM Leaders on Minnesota’s Iron Range

PolyMet Mining
Awarded to STEM students
$ 10000
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Supporting the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

PolyMet believes in the power of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and is committed to supporting the next generation of STEM leaders on Minnesota’s Iron Range. In northern Minnesota, we see the impacts of STEM careers every day – high-tech mining operations, road and bridge engineering, water quality treatment and testing, natural resources research, and so much more. This work is an important component of our economic welfare. STEM careers are essential to the future of our region and beyond. That’s why PolyMet is involved with several initiatives that support STEM education.

STEM students think creatively to solve problems, and PolyMet encourages high school students to pursue STEM-focused higher education opportunities. Each year, we award a $5,000 and a $2,500 scholarship to deserving high school seniors in Minnesota who show an aptitude for and achievement in STEM education. Scholarships are awarded for academic and trade-related programs. In 2020, we awarded three scholarships to smart young women with outstanding potential to drive the industry forward in STEM careers, and a previous scholarship winner interned with our Environmental team last summer.

PolyMet is also an annual sponsor of Range Engineering Council programming including its Iron Range STEM Showcase. This annual event creates opportunities for kids to experience STEM through hands-on experiences that challenge them to think differently about the world. The PolyMet exhibit encourages youth to explore the many uses of copper and other important metals in our everyday lives.

Our region is full of careers in STEM fields, and there are many opportunities for rewarding, high-paying jobs close to home. PolyMet’s efforts help kids develop interest and skills early, so the next generation is prepared with the knowledge and experience they need to lead the region.


Scholarship winner and summer intern, Mikayla Mellesmoen, assisting with field studies for the NorthMet Project