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Supporting Women in Tech

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of technology leaders are women
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of SPS tech interns are women

Supporting Women in Tech

SPS Commerce is committed to equality and advancing women in technology. We continually hire, promote and provide opportunities to women in tech at levels far above the industry norm.

  • 50% of technology leaders are women (compared to 16% globally) 
  • 50% of the SPS executive team are women (compared to 10% globally) 
  • 61% of SPS technology interns are women (compared to 42.5% at other major tech firms)

The company’s Women in Tech group meets regularly with dozens of members spanning many departments and locations, hosts local community events at SPS Tower, sponsors many local activities to introduce girls to coding, and sees its solutions as stronger when diverse backgrounds and insights are used to develop them.

In recent years, the company remodeled the entire eighth floor of the SPS Tower and dedicated it to women in technology. The SPS Women in Tech members named the floor’s conference rooms, paying tribute to inspiring women from the computer science, engineering and mathematics. The names they chose include Anita Borg, Katie Bouman, Joan Clark, Annie Easley, Grace Hopper, Ayanna Howard, Mary Lou Jepsen, Hedy Lamarr, Fei-fei Li, Radia Perlman, Megan Smith and Susan Wojciki.

The video features the stories of six women at SPS telling about their path, inspiration and leadership. They are Made in Minnesota.