General Mills

Fueling Innovation and Feeding Communities

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provided to Minnesota non-profits in 2019
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to Minnesota Schools since 2006 from General Mills Box Tops for Education

Fueling Innovation and Feeding Communities

General Mills exists to make food the world loves. But they do more than that. General Mills knows food plays a central role in people’s lives and has a profound impact on the environment and communities worldwide. They believe their company can be — and is — a force for good. And by using their global scale and leadership, they work to create value and make a difference, both at home in Minnesota and in the many other markets they call home.

In the U.S., General Mills partners with Feeding America®, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, and we continue to invest to scale their MealConnect™ food recovery technology platform, which gives food donors like grocery stores, restaurants and cafeterias a streamlined way to donate their surplus food into nourishing meals for food-insecure neighbors. One component of the MealConnect food rescue platform is the connection with K-12 schools to redirect surplus food from cafeterias. Roseville Area Schools in Minnesota are using MealConnect to fight food waste and share extra food to make an impact on families facing hunger in their own backyard.

Since MealConnect launched in 2014, the technology solution has scaled nationally and supports all 200 Feeding America member food banks. General Mills is proud to have been an early and ongoing funder of MealConnect, and an important resource connecting schools and other partners to the platform. Since its inception, MealConnect has facilitated the rescue of two billion pounds of food through pickups from food businesses and national grocery partners.

This project is just one example of how General Mills creates real impact, at every level. To be a force for good they are committed to advancing regenerative agriculture, supporting farmers across their value chain and accelerating ongoing efforts to end hunger and reduce food waste.